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Remanufacted Corvette & Chevy parts made in Texas.

Lonestar is the largest remanufacture of stainless steel sleeved calipers in the USA. Ken McCormick founded Lonestar to service the Corvette community with the best quality remanufactured stainless steel sleeved calipers in the market. Lonestar has expanded into more than just calipers we also offer power steering components like Power steering control valves, slave cylinders, gear boxes, rack and pinions, brake lines, weather stripping, headlight parts and much more. We offer stainless steel sleeved master cylinder so you can keep your car all original. We now have thousands of parts in stock. Lonestar strives to service our customers with best quality parts and customer service in the business. If you need anything please call or email us.

When sending cores you MUST download and attach the core return/refund/original form that you can download here.

Rebuilding Original Parts 

Original Parts Remanufactured and Returned

We can do your customers original calipers and basically any other part that we rebuild and insure that they get their original back. This has become very popular for restoration shops and restorers alike. Send in your original parts with the word “original” written on the outside of the box on every panel of the box sides, bottom & top, also include a note (in a plastic bag) with a name, company name, day and evening phone number, and shipping address. The note also needs to state everything you want done to the parts and be very specific down to the last detail even as far as the paint color. Do you want 1st design pistons? Do you want us to blast the outside or do you have a survivor car that the outside just needs to be washed and not blasted? BE SPECIFIC.

All calipers will be stainless steel sleeved and remanufactured using the specified parts and all will be pressure tested. The cosmetics are up to you and your customer. Additional
charges do apply depending on what you want done. There will be a babysitting fee charged of $25.00 per piece on all parts that are original and any additional work such
as machining the tops and bolt holes and moon surfaces will cost extra. BE SPECIFIC.

We cannot read minds and if you do not specify we will assume you want a regular remanufactured job with original castings.  Depending on how busy we are in the shop, specials usually take 2 to 4 weeks. Master cylinders could be up to 6 weeks. If you are looking for correct casting numbers and your cores are not correct there will be a fee of $25.00 per piece. This includes but is not limited to date codes, correct casting numbers or any other special request.

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